Friday, 10 October 2008


So I had my appointment today and mentioned the conversations I'd been having about potential time off at school, and what will be the best way to fit in with my exams and school. It was at that point my ortho looked a bit concerned. She had a look at my teeth and took another set of casts of my top teeth and the pre-molars *still* aren't right. She got her supervisor to take a look and he stated that she should arrange for the combined clinic as if it is a 10-week wait then it's better to book it now and not wait until the teeth are perfect to book it. My heart sank. 10 weeks!

Luckily she sneakily got me an appointment for the November combined clinic on the 24th (it's once a month), as I would've had to wait til December otherwise. But even *if* my teeth are perfect by then, I don't think it's likely there'll be a slot for me by mid-December, as I was hoping. I can only hope for a miracle that all will be fine for that date and somehow I can get fitted in. If not, I have no idea how I'm going to manage with school, it's going to be impossible.

So as a result I'm feeling awfully low, I'm so fed up with the whole thing and not knowing when this will all be over. I do know it'll be completely worth it, but in some ways knowing how great life will be in a few months just makes me more anxious to get there!