Friday, 10 October 2008


So I had my appointment today and mentioned the conversations I'd been having about potential time off at school, and what will be the best way to fit in with my exams and school. It was at that point my ortho looked a bit concerned. She had a look at my teeth and took another set of casts of my top teeth and the pre-molars *still* aren't right. She got her supervisor to take a look and he stated that she should arrange for the combined clinic as if it is a 10-week wait then it's better to book it now and not wait until the teeth are perfect to book it. My heart sank. 10 weeks!

Luckily she sneakily got me an appointment for the November combined clinic on the 24th (it's once a month), as I would've had to wait til December otherwise. But even *if* my teeth are perfect by then, I don't think it's likely there'll be a slot for me by mid-December, as I was hoping. I can only hope for a miracle that all will be fine for that date and somehow I can get fitted in. If not, I have no idea how I'm going to manage with school, it's going to be impossible.

So as a result I'm feeling awfully low, I'm so fed up with the whole thing and not knowing when this will all be over. I do know it'll be completely worth it, but in some ways knowing how great life will be in a few months just makes me more anxious to get there!


Kam said...

I completely understand how you feel!

Before I had my surgery, they had said something like November.. I was completely heartbroken, because once you're near being ready for surgery, you want to have it as soon as possible!

Luckily, it all came together, and I got it done in July. So, there's still hope for you that you may get it sooner than you think. Once the teeth are where they should be, they can draw up a surgery date for you pretty quickly!

Your teeth look good though, so I really think they'll be where they need to be by November. Maybe you should ask your surgeon if you can book a tentative date now for your surgery, so if things are looking good by November, you have that guaranteed spot in December.

Good luck!

laura said...

Hang in there. I know how you feel about it seeming to take forever.

What is the combined clinic?

V said...

Sorry I should've made that clearer... Basically its a clinic with the consultant orthodontist and the surgeon with me to discuss the state of play. As far as I'm aware that's when they make the decision if my teeth are aligned enough for surgery. I'm not entirely sure of the order of events after that though..

Thanks for the support guys, it's really knocked me back to the point I couldn't even socialise tonight as I feel so miserable, but as always it helps so much to have you all there!

stephanie said...

Oh man! That stinks! Hopefully everything will arrange magically together.

Do you have any other school breaks? I know that I have to wait until June/July to have my surgery because I can't do it during school....

Good luck! Thinking about you.

V said...

I wish I had a proper summer - I'd wait til then if I did - but there are only 2 weeks off before I have to start my Year 4 placement. But if you have to re-sit anything (and after all this stress, chances are high!) it's within that time period.

My ortho said it'd be worse if I was working, but in all honesty I think it would've been easier. :(

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Jen said...

I didn't ask my surgeon if I was ready for surgery. I just booked the impressions date and surgery date with his assistant. I was very nice over the phone and explained that I have study and work commitments and needed to get the surgery in Mid November. She was kind enough to book it. Then when I did see the surgeon he was a bit surprised that I booked the surgery but did say that it looked like I was ready and still threaten to cancel the surgery if my impressions were showing I was not ready. I had the impressions this week and without even examining them he said that it looks like things will go forward. If I had to wait for him to review the impressions before he decides to go with the surgery I would have had to wait until Jan for the surgery. He also said, if some of the teeth were a little off, he would still proceed knowing that it can be adjusted othodotically. My Ortho seems to only correspond with the surgeon by letters or email.
Sure... it was extremely selfish to book a date without knowing if the surgery would happen however there seems to be some flexibility and understanding from the team (Surgeon and Ortho and assistants).
Surgery is only 18 days away and I still have some small gaps in my teeth. I also plan to call weekly to see if I can get the surgery date pushed forward. Never know... someone else might pull out leaving me the surgery date I want.
Keep pushing them for the time and date you want, after all, your their customer. Cheers!