Friday, 7 November 2008


I am absolutely terrified about my clinic with the surgeon next week; it's all I've been thinking about. I literally have no idea what to expect the outcome to be. I know worrying will not change that, but it's been building up for so long!

It's been a while since anyone made a particularly negative reference about my face, but it came yesterday courtesy of my Consultant firm head; we were having mid-rotation interviews and he asked me that his secretary had told him I was due to have surgery? So I explained the situation and he proceeded to mutter on about how it was 'definitely the right decision' and that it'll make such a difference, as when you compare other people's normal faces... Just as well I'm no longer overly sensitive about the whole thing; to be honest he's such a brusque kind of guy and doesn't really mean it nastily, more of an observation. And he made up for the fact by making some extremely positive comments about my progress so far, completely unprompted. We're changing over so that we're more ward-based next week and I can't wait!

Let's just hope my recent run of happiness and good luck carries forwardr to Friday.. fingers crossed!


Katherine said...

Tact sure isn't everyone's strenth is it? I'm glad you were able to brush it off...and got some unexpected positive feedback at the same time.

Next week. Holy anticipation, eh? I really hope you're able to get answers and a workable battleplan when it comes to your dates, time off, school... Will definately hope for the best and that all involved are able to work with you to fit everything in.

Fingers crossed :)

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Doesn't sound you have to worry about comments like that for long.

Although if I had a work colleage in the same situation as you and I, I would support the decision to get surgery knowing what a great deal of improvement it would make to your life (medically and appearance). As katherine said, some tact could have helped.

I suppose most people just want to be normal. A few years ago, I had a Lipoma (irregular lump of FAT) removed from my shoulder. It was becoming noticable when I wore strapless tops. Caused no pain but I decided to get it removed because I felt like a freak having it. I traded it in for a fine scar, which I think looked more normal than a lump on my shoulder.
At the end of the day, I probably didn't really need to have the lump removed and I could probably live with my mouth the way it is. BUT.... I know I would be happier knowing that I'm closer to normal.

Anonymous said...

Wow, tactful guy there.. When that kind of stuff happens I like to imagine the offender torturing himself with remorse at having been such an insensitive jerk, later on. It's probably not happening, but it makes me feel better.

V said...

Haha so very funny, I didn't think twice about that as have had so many worse comments in my lifetime..!

I can't believe how much this week is dragging so far, just want to have an idea of what to expect now. :(