Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I love this stuff, seriously. Along with wax. And mouthwash. Even though despite all these I STILL have a massive hole inside my lip that's been there for a week.. No doubt as to which way my teeth are moving though!!

I don't so much like having to give pointless presentations for school when I could be doing some productive work.

Like procrastinating and updating/reading blogs!! :)

Some pictures...

Hello all,

Thought it was about time I posted a few pictures, seeing as there aren't too many of us Class III-ers on here!!

Have a couple from before having my brace, including an absolutely horrific one where I was lurking in the background talking to a friend and got caught in the crossfire! I think everyone will have some kind of photo like that which makes them just feel a bit sick; I have to delete them straight away in a kind of quick-before-anyone-notices way.. funny really, but I forget that people see me in profile all the time so it's not really that big a deal. But still.. I would never have wanted to post it somewhere so public but I hope it helps support others and help us realise that being so insecure about something and wanting to change it when you have the opportunity is nothing to be ashamed of..!

Also have a couple of more recent ones, including one in a wig - what a fun night, but that's a different story - just to show that my pout is no longer good enough to hide that hideous crossbite!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New wires

So the appointment on Friday was a bit frustrating.. I asked my ortho how she thought I was doing with progress, and it was a bit so-so about whether I'd be ready for summer.. So I will probably book my holiday in early September. But the good news is, she reckons if we're looking at holiday timing, then maybe around Christmas - which is earlier than I was expecting after my initial consultation. I can't imagine what state my teeth will be in by then.. :S And it won't be ideal as there will be exams just after... But hey it's a distant light at the end of the tunnel.

I've had so much trouble with the alignment of my molars though, Friday ended up being quite painful. I don't know how everyone else's wire changes go, but my appointments never stick to half hour, something always goes wrong. The top wire got stuck, and my poor ortho struggled to get it out and was yanking so hard on my molars, she had to cut it eventually and thread it out through the back. One of my bands was a bit loose, so she re-glued that, and then attempted to put same calibre wire in.

Which got stuck going in.

So she tried pulling it out, but it got stuck again so had to be cut.

Tried a slightly lower wire..

.. Which got stuck.

On trying to pull that one out, the bracket gets knocked off, so needed that re-glued.

Needless to say, it hurt a lot and think all the frustration got to me and had a bit of a cry, though at least it was under the guise of being in pain! My ortho is such a star though, I don't know how she puts up with me, there's so much history of sadness and she gets the full brunt of it. Think it's just that awkward halfway stage, where have had them long enough to get fed up, but still a long way to go..

So have now ended up with pathetic wire on top, that won't do much until she tries to put a bigger one in in a few weeks (if it doesn't work may need all my bands changed.. :S) but it means having a strong steel one on the bottom the discrepancy is gonna get bigger between my bite. Still, fingers crossed for the next appointment.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Impending appointment...

So the wire change is coming up on Friday, it will have been a whole 8 weeks as my ortho decided to 'leave it a bit longer to give these ones a chance to really work'. I've decided I might well have to be the annoying 'are we there yet??' kid and see if I can get an idea on progress.. Really don't want to be a pain but then I'd like to know if I can make plans for the summer - think I'm being super-optimistic even considering there may be a chance it will happen then, but I'd like an idea. It has been 7 months now after all!!

Can't quite believe I will have to have my braces on for *that* much longer, even though I was warned it would take ages. It'll be a bit disappointing if I get told I need to wear them for another year or something, and although I know I won't be able to get a straight answer it'll be nice to have a rough idea as of course I have no way of knowing how far along the scale I am.

Am starting to find it hard to pose for photos now, before I had my pouting/tongue out down pat, but it's getting more difficult to cover up every day.

Anyway, enough of the whinging; life in general has been going great. I decided to hit 2008 running and make some serious changes. I'm moving out of mum & dad's again next week, which will be a great confidence-booster, and stopped having guy-drama by calling it a day and drawing a line under it all. School is going great and passed my exams (though of course even more to come). So it's only really the teeth bothering me, which makes a nice change. And with V-day (every singleton knows thats what D-day should be called instead..) looming, it is yet another occasion to question how happy I really am. Am the happiest I have been in a while, but find myself really putting the brakes on with guys and not even being able to flirt; there just aren't enough of them out there with a brace fetish!! Heehee.. Ah well, my yearly tradition of going out and having a good time will prevail, just have to see it out and then it's plain sailing! Hooray!