Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Some pictures...

Hello all,

Thought it was about time I posted a few pictures, seeing as there aren't too many of us Class III-ers on here!!

Have a couple from before having my brace, including an absolutely horrific one where I was lurking in the background talking to a friend and got caught in the crossfire! I think everyone will have some kind of photo like that which makes them just feel a bit sick; I have to delete them straight away in a kind of quick-before-anyone-notices way.. funny really, but I forget that people see me in profile all the time so it's not really that big a deal. But still.. I would never have wanted to post it somewhere so public but I hope it helps support others and help us realise that being so insecure about something and wanting to change it when you have the opportunity is nothing to be ashamed of..!

Also have a couple of more recent ones, including one in a wig - what a fun night, but that's a different story - just to show that my pout is no longer good enough to hide that hideous crossbite!!


Shontell said...

Hi V! I'm surprised that I never came across your blog until now. So I was just catching up.
Kids can be awful in school, I know. That's where most of my bad memories come from and tramatizing events. :( I've always gotten the big chin,nose jokes. They ruined me!!!
Hey I have that same wig! Wore it for halloween once.
Well looking forward to reading about your journey.
I have some of the worse pictures taken of me, btw. I run from cameras!! ;)

Mylene said...

I've been too chicken to put more than two pics of me on my site. As the Date looms nearer, I'm caring less and less about my own fugliness, strangely.