Monday, 4 February 2008

Impending appointment...

So the wire change is coming up on Friday, it will have been a whole 8 weeks as my ortho decided to 'leave it a bit longer to give these ones a chance to really work'. I've decided I might well have to be the annoying 'are we there yet??' kid and see if I can get an idea on progress.. Really don't want to be a pain but then I'd like to know if I can make plans for the summer - think I'm being super-optimistic even considering there may be a chance it will happen then, but I'd like an idea. It has been 7 months now after all!!

Can't quite believe I will have to have my braces on for *that* much longer, even though I was warned it would take ages. It'll be a bit disappointing if I get told I need to wear them for another year or something, and although I know I won't be able to get a straight answer it'll be nice to have a rough idea as of course I have no way of knowing how far along the scale I am.

Am starting to find it hard to pose for photos now, before I had my pouting/tongue out down pat, but it's getting more difficult to cover up every day.

Anyway, enough of the whinging; life in general has been going great. I decided to hit 2008 running and make some serious changes. I'm moving out of mum & dad's again next week, which will be a great confidence-booster, and stopped having guy-drama by calling it a day and drawing a line under it all. School is going great and passed my exams (though of course even more to come). So it's only really the teeth bothering me, which makes a nice change. And with V-day (every singleton knows thats what D-day should be called instead..) looming, it is yet another occasion to question how happy I really am. Am the happiest I have been in a while, but find myself really putting the brakes on with guys and not even being able to flirt; there just aren't enough of them out there with a brace fetish!! Heehee.. Ah well, my yearly tradition of going out and having a good time will prevail, just have to see it out and then it's plain sailing! Hooray!


allison said...

Thanks for stopping by... I'm adding you to my list of ortho-journeys I follow!

Michelle said...

I know exactly how you feel. You're right, the part of me I have hated the most stands out just that much more with the braces on. I try so hard to keep telling myslef it will all be good in the end. It just seems like everything takes so long! The Ortho. told me 3 years from start to finish, UGH, that's a long time!! I had my first surgery last June and my second one is tentatively scheduled for March 24Hopefully, all of us ortho bloggers can really support each other during this difficult time. Stay positive and write to me whenever you need some cheering up!!