Saturday, 15 November 2008


Wow, so I'm still in shock a little. Came away from the consult with a date...!

Went in early to get some more impressions done and was ever so nervous. For those of you new to the experience it's very intimidating being in a room with at least 3 people staring intently at your face, pulling you this way and that, getting their rulers out and measuring every angle and telling you 'bite together' followed by 'broad smile'... But you just grit your teeth and get it over with...

So after a lot of fiddling with my moulds and discussion, they decided that I will need to have a full 10 mm of movement... 6 mm forward on my maxilla, 4 mm back on my mandible, and elevating my maxilla by 4 mm to prevent the gummy smile... The genioplasty wasn't mentioned again and I forgot to ask..

So then the diary comes out, and they ask when would be ideal. I tentatively said 'Well, obviously Christmas is the best.. but...' and that was ruled out straight away, as I thought it would. There are a few minor tweaks that need to be done still, and a lot of work-up and pre-assessment appointments too, and we agreed around Easter... So this is the calendar as it looks so far:

March 24th: Pre-assessment. As far as I'm aware this is the appointment where the final models and measurements are taken, so that the 'wafers' can be made and fitted. It sounds like they also make lots of measurements of my head so that my jaw can be aligned with my eyes, and ears etc.

April 3rd: They try the wafers to make sure they fit my teeth. I think this is like a splint which they use to line up my teeth during the surgery to ensure the bite is right.

April 8th: SURGERY!!

So.. it's really happening; of course, I need to run by the details with school but was great timing as I am seeing my tutor next Wednesday so I can discuss it then.

After the consult, my ortho took me to reposition 3 brackets on the teeth that need to be moved slightly and had my wires changed - has been a while since my teeth ached and they do again today! There'll be a few more appointments and I'll need some more hooks fitted apparently, but really when you think about it in terms of 6-weekly appointments it's not long at all! So even though it's not ideal, and it looks like I'll have to miss my friend's wedding, it's a huge relief to have something definite to plan around... Good luck to everyone else waiting on surgery dates!


Katherine said...

YAY!!!! April 8 it is, then! I am SOOO happy you've got that mark to put on your calendar, and sure do hope school is willing to make your schedule work around this. Would be a huge relief not to have to worry about that one: fingers crossed for Wednesday!

When is your friend's wedding? Does the new Ortho-adjustment pain feel better (more goal oriented) knowing you've got that concrete day to look forward to?

*huge hug* Way to go girlfriend! :)

Jen said...

Fantastic! Very exciing to have a date.

Aimee said...

Exciting!!! Congratulations on the surgery date. I'm so excited for you. It seems like they are moving your jaws quite a bit. (although I'm not sure what quote a bit is ;) You are going to look fantastic afterward!

laura said...

Congrats!!! It's so awesome to finally have a date. Fingers crossed that you and Katherine get to be surgery buddies.

ummul said...

Hello, V!

I write your blog in my "ortho-blogger" link.

Hopefully, this becomes a beautiful friendship.

(in Indonesian)

Anonymous said...

A date! Woo hoo! Now the countdown can begin, and with it the night panic attacks! Well, I had them.
It sounds like there's going to be a lot of movement. I can't wait to see the new improved you.

And happy new year!