Saturday, 31 January 2009

About... Turn!

It's amazing how quickly things can change.

The Boy slept with someone else Thursday night so I finished with him.

The old V without imminent surgery would've sat and agonised over why it happened, and The Profile would've been blamed at some point.

I'm so glad that I can just shrug off the whole thing now. To be honest it was quite hard to open up fully to him about the whole thing and it really is a journey I've made thus far on my own, and think it's better in the long run if I finish it alone too.

Sounds depressing: but really, I feel OK about the whole thing.


Katherine (Kate) said...

Oh Crap. The cad. That sucks.

I'm sorry.

V said...

Thanks Kate. Also just found out we may need to find a new place to rent. I've had better weekends I must say!

Katherine (Kate) said...

B'ah, why is it that these things often happen in heaps? One thing on it's own is bad enough.

Hope something comes together with the new digs (or that you can just stay put). Sheesh!