Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Taste of what's to come...

So at my appointment on Friday had the most joyous experience..

.. My ortho had to reposition my brackets which involved taking the old ones off - not so nice, but it allowed me the opportunity to run my tongue over the 2 exposed teeth for just a few seconds! It was heavenly! Can't wait to experience de-bracing now even though it's a LONG way off.. but I know it will be worth it!

Looks pretty likely that the op won't be til around Christmas most likely. It's annoying because seems to be a lot of fine tuning going on now, that normally happens after apparently, but seems as though consultant prefers it all done before. I don't mind waiting, but I'm just worried about the timing etc as Christmas will only have a couple of weeks off for holiday (ie study leave) and then straight into exams. Naturally, would rather they get done over the summer when I have more time off. May voice concerns at next check-up.

Have had a rough couple of days, my mum has decided now that she's found out about how much I've suffered in the past, it's a great idea to try and push me to talk about it and brings stuff up at every opportunity, and always seems to know how to say the wrong things to upset me. Does anyone else have a hard time trying to voice how they feel about the whole situation? I guess that's why we all blog on here, so that's my question answered really..

I met a guy in the bar after our last exam on Friday and got chatting, and it transpired that he'd had a mandiblar retraction a couple of years ago, he looked so great! It was so nice talking to someone face-to-face about what he'd been through etc and really gave me some piece of mind. Still find it funny that anyone I'm gonna meet post-surgery will never have known my 'old' face..


Michelle said...

My Mom keeps making comments like, "I feel like a terrible mother, now look at what you have to go through", "I had no idea it was this bad".
It gets old hearing it all of the time. Hopefully she'll start to let it go so you don't have to keep going through it.
Good to hear you met someone that has already had surgery and looks great. Must have been cool to see it in person. Hopefully you can catch up with him again.

Katherine said...

Bummer about maybe having to wait longer before surgery...that should mean you'd have less time having to wear braces AFTER, though,,,which would be a good thing! Frustrating though, and I'm pretty sure that's the route my OS & OD are taking too. We'd end up surgery buddies though *wink-wink*

Oy, doesn't make it any easier to listen to, but there's a chance your mom needing to constantly bring this up is the whole mother-guilt thing..not meant in a mean way, but perhaps that's her way of dealing with HER 'issues' with this? And yep, it is hard to explain things to others so they "get it" or make it make sense.

And yes, that's why I blog...that and the incredibly amazing people ~like you!~ that I've been able to relate with...that KEEPS you blogging :)

V said...

Katherine, being surgery buddies would be awesome!! Let's not get too over-excited though.. ;)

Yeah I'm sure it's a guilt thing, jaw problems from her side of family (have little cousin that's going the same way..) and she feels bad that I've suffered for so long without her realising. That kinda makes it worse in a way, as she's so sensitive and feel like I can't upset her which I would be asking her to back off. It's a tricky one..

Glad to know you guys have been through similar, as always the support helps tons!

Shontelly said...

I had a lot of waiting to do too. 7 months before I was able to get the sarpe and an entire year before I had the mandibuler setback. Just means that they have less to do after the surgery and that is AWESOME. I like it this way.

My dad feels awful now about not getting me "fixed." I just tell him that's it's ok and that I don't blame him. I don't. Growing up without a smile humbled me.
At first though, he kept saying "there's nothing wrong with your face!" That was ticking me off pretty bad and I had to explain WITH PICTURES to convinse him that there was indeed something wrong with my gotdamn face! haha

Mylene said...

Isn't great when you met someone who's been through it? I talked to a chemist last week who'd had mandibular surgery too. I felt like we bonded.. :-)
My mum has also apologised for me having to go through all this; I think it's silly, it's not her fault at all!

V said...

Yeah completely! Except you can't tell unless they're the ones that tell you about it first!

Which is why I think I'm going to have to hunt out people with a Class III and braces on once I'm all over it, just to make them feel better! :)

mylene said...

Do you find yourself diagnosing people you see? I do. And I get almost excited when I see a 'Class III' and try not to stare with a big braced up grin.