Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Post-exam anti-climax

Wow, it has been a long while since my last update.. but guess my time got swallowed up preparing for my exams, and besides all was fairly quiet on the ortho front. Find out the results on Thursday, so fingers crossed!! I couldn't bear it if I had to go back to the books for the resits... Not going to think about it...

So today was my 25th birthday. The second birthday I have been wired up. And am feeling pretty lousy (usual for this time of year, not usually quite as bad though). I voiced my concerns with my ortho with regards to the fact that my Christmas holiday consists of 2 weeks off followed by exams. As does every holiday for the next year. Not ideal candidates for surgery time, needless to say. She kept trying to hint that it wasn't an emergency, and that I could wait as long as I needed but it's so hard to try and put across how big a deal it is having to live the way I am now, and that I can't really keep on like this for more than a few months. So, basically I am going to have to email my tutor and find out what the deal is with the school. It's a complete headache, frankly.

On the flip side I did something incredible today and actually donated blood. Now that might not sound like a big deal, but anyone who knows me would tell you that I completely go to pieces at the mere thought of blood donation. But I plucked up the courage today, and it really wasn't so bad.

So generally speaking am just feeling a bit numb and depressed. We're throwing the party on Saturday so am hoping that will cheer me up a little but am not feeling too hopeful, especially knowing how many folks have bailed on me already. Ah well, there will be a good crowd there and plenty of silly costumes to make up for it!!


Anonymous said...

V! Good to hear from you. Sorry you're feeling a bit down.. I hope the arty cheers you up a little. Costumes do have that effect somehow.

I also hope that timewise you can work something out with your school; of course you don't want to wait til you're left school to get the op. Good luck and keep us updated!

Finally, happy birthday!


Katherine said...

Cheers to taking a break from the books (We'll just assume you did brilliantly, and no re-sits necessary)!

Good to hear from you again, and most definately "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" , wires be darned, and hope the costume's a hit. What did you decide on?

Hang in there. Waiting's a B%$^, but it'll get there. Will keep Hoping timing works out for you with the school scheduling and headaches that go with it. You can do this :)

ingrid said...

Happy Birthday!

I never understood why orthodontists and surgeons think its no biggie to wait. I totally understand your frustration. Hopefully you'll be able to work something out. Cheer up!