Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Final Adjustment?

Had another adjustment yesterday, but only the top archwire. Apparently my pre-molars need their roots kicked outwards so my ortho bent the wire up accordingly and re-inserted it, so hopefully that will do the trick. I genuinely find it all very interesting and remarkably clever, so am always trying to get her to update me with what's going on.

So fingers crossed, this should be the final adjustment now. I have another appointment booked early October where we'll take some more snaps and assess whether or not the teeth are in the right place. But it looks as though I'll be ready for the Christmas break hopefully - it will all basically depend on how school goes, but hopefully by my next appointment I will have a better idea with how this term will pan out, seeing as it's all change now that I'll be on placement.

But potentially will be eating my Christmas dinner through a straw which amuses me no end! May have to have one before I go in for surgery - now that would be a great 'last supper'!

My ortho was also impressed at how much better my problem area of gum is - she hasn't really had any patients using a water pik but it sounds like it will be incredibly useful post-surgery to keep my mouth clean...


Kam said...

One of my fears was getting jaw surgery during Christmas. I'm so happy I was able to get it during the summer, just to be healed up around the holidays. But I'm happy that you'll be all set to get it done as soon as you can! yay! And this will give you plenty of time to enjoy and say a little good-bye to all your favorite foods.

Good luck with everything!! :)

Anonymous said...

You should definitely have a Christmas dinner before your op! With all the trimmings!
Looking forward to October and finding out if everything is in the right place!

I'm really surprised your ortho didn't have patients using waterpiks. My one almost forced me to get one the day I got my braces on! :-) I asked if shehad shares in the waterpik company or something.