Saturday, 13 September 2008


Hi all,

Have just returned from the most amazing holiday, myself and some school friends went to Turkey for just over a week on a diving holiday. I qualified 3 years ago and haven't done any scuba diving since, but absolutely love it. So when one of my schoolfriends organised a trip, as he used to work there as an instructor in a previous life we all jumped at the chance.

A few of my friends did their PADI too and also fell in love with it, which makes the experience even better. The life was amazing, and the town was fantastic, and it was generally a good time, with one unforeseen problem..

As I said before it's been 3 years since I last dived, and my bite has changed since then. A lot. It was such a challenge keeping the regulator in my mouth, and it kept slipping out as well as ending up with a pretty sore TMJ from all the clenching. But then I got to thinking, will I be able to dive once I'm all fixed and healed?

Another question I hadn't thought of before yesterday on the way home: My passport doesn't run out til 2014, will I need to get a new picture before then when I have an entirely different face??? It's amazing, that despite the amount of time I spend thinking about not much else other than the surgery, I'm still finding questions and problems that I hadn't anticipated. It just goes to show, yet again, how life-changing this whole thing is!


Katherine said...

Oy, good for you with taking the Holiday, sounds like a blast. I remember merely snorkling braced, and the headache to follow was NOT fun, so feel your pain with that one.

I have no idea concretely about diving after surgery - maybe someone on the metalmouth forum has experienced this... but I would think once your completely healed you'd be AOK. Due to holding the regulator in your mouth and the pressure from being under the water, you'd definately want to make sure you're back 100% first.

Wow, hadn't thought about the passport issue...and I'm going in next week to renew mine. Hmmmm.... Guess it'll depend on HOW different everything is from the front (thank goodnes it's not a profile shot, eh?!) That and people do change over the years...I don't think my passport pic looks like me NOW, haha. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, last time I crossed a border I was waved through as usual - and I do look different. I was ready to explain the whole surgery thing, and I had my xrays in my bag and my surgeon's contact number just in case.... but I wouldn't worry about getting a new passport yet!