Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tutor meeting

So after months of agonising, I finally got to meet my clinical tutor for the next few years...

... And he was a bit of an arse. Not that he is a bad guy, just super-busy and made it quite clear he's impossible to get hold of, which in my opinion is a pretty bad way to start out a pastoral role. I don't really see the point of getting involved if you don't really care and are looking around for other people to talk to. Still, I braved it and mentioned my upcoming maxfax journey.

He was a bit vague and unsupportive, but did say that someone had been through a similar surgery a couple of years ago and managed it. He did then mention that it'd be worth speaking to my year head, which was a good idea. I accosted said guy and basically deduced that what I had been thinking was probably going to be the least disruptive sequence of events. However, will need to run it by my placement co-ordinators next week when I meet them. There was a lot of talk of 'as long as you're not struggling with your work... we can make concessions...' No pressure then!

Am feeling generally a bit less lost though, and the sense of relief to *finally* talk to someone about it all got me choked up, although doesn't account for the foul mood that has set in over the last couple of weeks, due to various events. That will pass, I'm sure; will just get plenty of hugs. They always help. Virtual ones are appreciated too!

So next ortho appointment is on the 10th and should hopefully have spoken to the co-ordinator by then. I'll keep you all updated about whether things progress. Fingers crossed (although the fear is starting to creep in...)


Kiwikaren said...

Sorry to read your mood isn't the best!

{{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}} {{{[[( HUGS )]]}}}

Here's to your ortho appointment going well!

stephanie said...


Fingers are crossed for you.

Anonymous said...


Well, finally you managed to talk about what's coming with someone; no wonder you got all choked up. It's a first step. I hope they CAN make concessions! 'as long as you're not struggling with your work', idiots. :-)

*more hugs*