Wednesday, 11 February 2009


It's been a VERY long time since I worked a night shift.

And even then I used to get some sleep during the day.

Not have a full day of teaching during the day before and teaching the following morning.

I am pretty shattered, but am more peeved that it wasn't even worth it! Not one single neurosurgical emergency, dammit!

Though one of the wards (the same hospital I'm having my op) had a MaxFax patient on it, according to the board. I really wanted to sneak in and take a look to see what they look like in Real Life, as I don't think online pics *quite* cut it.

Probably just as well I didn't; don't want to freak myself out any more than I am already!

I'm off for a snooze!


Michelle said...

No need to freak out, everything will go perfectly!!! Get some rest!!

How's the new guy?

V said...

Over! I wrote about it on January 31st...

stephanie said...

I could NOT watch the surgery... I haven't opened those youtube videos. I'm worried I would rip the braces off myself and go find a convent filled with people that don't chew food.

Lol... just kidding. You're probably braver than I. In fact, you ARE braver than I :)

funkyrhodes said...

I asked a friend if he could tape my surgery, but he didn't think he could take the gore. Oh well! It's not like it's something to show the kids.

V said...

Haha... I love it! But then, I guess it's cos I've had a little surgery experience. A maxfax friend of mine offered to film, but then I realised he'd probably try and sneak a peek up my hospital gown! :)

Aimee said...

Hi V,
I just wanted to say you were right. It was fate deciding for me. :) I have a surgery date ~ April 29th. I am so glad to be getting this over with. Yay! I need to catch up on your blog. Thank you for the sweet comments!