Saturday, 14 March 2009

Greedy lazy buggers

I am SO looking forward to the day I have nothing to moan about.

I don't understand, why it has been the case for the last few months, that whenever anything is to happen, it can't just go ahead without any hiccups or hitches.

We went up to the new flat today to collect the keys etc and it was a tip. Hasn't really been cleaned since the last tenants, there are even drinks in the fridge still etc, and there are a few safety issues, namely some broken plug sockets, 2 windows that don't close (although not desperate as they are 3rd floor up), a new front door has been fitted but hasn't been painted or varnished so looks a good target for breaking in, and will rot in no time once it rains some, and a pile of furniture heaped up on a flimsy bit of board above the stairs. We can't move in while it's in this state, and the landlord claims he came yesterday and cleaned it himself! So we now have to meet with him tomorrow (instead of moving in) and try and reach some agreement as to what needs doing to make it safe, even though the rent is commencing from tomorrow. And the estate agency are no help at all (obviously taking the side of the landlord whenever it comes down to this).

It never ceases to amaze me how alone tenants are in the Big Bad World of renting. And although I am in no way naive, it still distresses me how inhumane people can be when it comes to money, and ripping other folk off. It makes me ashamed to be human sometimes.

Yet another thing to add to the list of pre-exam stresses, although I was hoping this would have been at least one that would've been resolved by Monday. For a half-full-glass-girl, I'm starting to find it mighty hard to stay optimistic; is it any wonder that I am convinced it will be just my luck for my surgery date to get cancelled!!??


Rita said...

Stay optimistic as much as possible! Things will get better. Hopefully the landlord will do his part and you can move in soon. Surgery will be here soon enough and you (and i) can start the process of recovery. Be Happy!!! Things will change. They always do! : )

Katherine (Kate) said...

Maybe the universe has consipired to keep you so busy beforehand , you don't have a moment to worry about surgery? Bummer about the setback, and hope things work out with getting your place habitable. G'ah, always something, no?

Hang in there :)