Tuesday, 10 March 2009


So thank god my Ortho finally found out what had happened and is on the case. Apparently my surgeon can't make the wafer-fitting day but his registrar is going to come and do it in the morning, of the same day - I just don't know when.

It will be good to meet the reg though, seeing as he potentially may be assisting on the surgery... Do hope he doesn't put me off!

Having good days and bad days at the moment - seem quite weather-dependent, but think things will be a little easier once I've moved house and the end of term happens (i.e., I've handed my assignment in). Then I can just dedicate all my anxiety at the surgery. After reading other blogs am kinda sad I won't have an other half there with me, but think that's just because I am generally feeling sorry for myself today. I have tons of amazing friends who will all be on hand to mock my chipmunk face and cheer me up, so it could be a lot worse.


Rita said...

Chin up V!!! Everything is going to be okay. Last night I was up until 11:00 working on a writing on Christendom. I am cramming in 8 weeks of classes into 4 weeks. Fun Stuff!! : )

The closer the surgery, the more the anxiety... but we need to be stress free before we go in.. I just think we will do be if we are less stressed. So, I am going to try to be positive.

I am sure you have lots of friends to help you out, as do I. I am married but he must go back to work following the surgery, so I will have my 16 year old daughter with me. She said we would watch movies while I recover. She is great! You still have your online friends, so be happy : ) and smile!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Believe me I know how you feel regarding all the anxiety... I was kind of a nut right before my surgery. One day I'd be excited and the next I'd be so nervous! Definiely be glad that you've got your friends to perk you up after surgery... the phone messages and e-mails, and yes--the poking fun at my chipmunk cheeks from my friends were a big part of keeping me (mostly) positive those first few days. I know I don't really know you, but I know what you are going through and I am definitely here if you have questions or just need someone who understands to vent to!

V said...

Thanks guys, you're all awesome! Signed the new contract for the new flat so can move our stuff over on Sunday, am sure that will take the stress off somewhat...!

Katherine (Kate) said...

Wahoo! Congrats on the new digs. Yes, overwhelming at times, but setting up in a new place can be fun too!

Glad the office was able to sort out the wafer confusion. Nothing like confusion to throw things for a loop. Did you tell them life's exciting enough already, thank you very much? Hang in there, V, you don't have far to go now :)