Friday, 10 April 2009

Back from the hospital

Hey everyone, thanks so much for your kind messages! I have been itching to get home and write up the last couple of days for you all!

I have been quite possibly the luckiest girl in the world. I am going to write about every gory detail so those who don't want to read please stop now... Otherwise will be a bit of a long one! But seeing as this was my first time in hospital/surgery full stop I want to write about it for those who might not know what to expect either!

I went into hospital the night before, and lucked out with a room on my own with an en-suite and the nicest bunch of nurses ever. Was surprisingly calm but didn't sleep too well. The nurse wouldn't give me my valium because the dose was a bit high and to be honest by the time she would've got hold of the on-call doc it would've been too late, so I thought I'd try and sleep by myself but was far too excited. Found out I was first on the list which was a huge relief because I think

I was woken up early the next morning and took a shower. Did absolutely fine up until about 7.30 and then started freaking out, so just played my ipod and took deep breaths until I was called down. Got onto a trolley in theatre and thankfully had a nice chap next to me equally nervous about his op for his broken leg after a hit-and-run accident. Had several checks and before I knew it was being wheeled into theatre.

I was dreading having a cannula put in more than the surgery itself (mainly due to my own inept-ness at putting them in!) but the anaesthetist was lovely. She put a baby one in and injected some sedative which made me feel amazingly high, and then injected the anaesthetic. I don't even remember falling asleep!

I was having a lovely, vivid dream, that I can't remember now, and all of a sudden someone was trying to wake me up. I was trying to talk straight away and completely disorientated. I felt a bit sick but couldn't throw up so the recovery nurses gave me some anti-sickness meds and some morphine. I was freaking out a little, not consciously, but more as a response to the anaesthetic - and started having hot flushes. I had blood coming out my mouth but couldn't quite grasp where or how as I couldn't feel it initially, but it wasn't too bad. They suctioned me lots and I know now it was probably because my wisdoms had been taken out at the same time also. The registrar came over and told me it went really well and that they'd come see me later, but I was completely out of it - was even trying to answer questions that the recovery nurse was asking the other newly qualified nurse!

So that was about 12.30 or so, after going into theatre about 9 - couldn't believe how quick I was out and how great I felt. I got wheeled up to the ward where my family were on their way. I had one more round of suction to get the blood out and then some mouthwash which helped stop the bleeding and anaesthetised my mouth somewhat. I then had a nurse by my side for the whole time that day and that night, who were absolutely amazing. I didn't pass water til later that evening, but tried to use the commode as soon as I could, and managed to transfer OK. I have been taking sips of water out of a cup since I first came out of theatre, as have got complete feeling in all my lips. Have developed a couple of 'numb' spots either side of my nose, but it's more of a weird sensation than numb - I know everyone says that but there is no other way to describe it!

The only things that have bothered me a little are:

1. Not being able to blow my nose, as have been quite clotted up due to intermittent nosebleeds which aren't too bad and stop quite quickly

2. The back of my throat feels like it's coated with mucous and clots and I can't clear it - though this is getting better now I'm having thicker fluids.

3. My lips are a little cracked now - have been using a ton of vaseline but even had a coldsore come up the morning of surgery - typical!

4. Meds and supplement drinks taste pretty bad - and I'm quite tightly banded shut. Think that was to stop me talking so much!

5. Falling asleep is a little tricky because I'm a little anxious about it, but once I'm tired I just doze off so it's not too bad.

6. My 'Angelina Jolie' pout won't be here to stay!!!

When the docs came round later and the following morning, they told me that my bone was very thin and actually my mandible snapped in 2 places on the right so he needed to put an extra couple of plates in - so I'm amazed I have only been on minimal pain relief since being back on the ward! It was a relief to finally have some soup yesterday and can't stop drinking it now! The doc also told me that they'd obviously seen the result before I was all swollen and that I'd be VERY happy with the result - I already am despite the swelling making me look a bit like something out of Bo Selecta!!

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Rita said...

Thanks for the details. I will try to post mine soon and some pictures, although my pictures are not as good as yours.