Wednesday, 22 April 2009


One of my friends hit the nail on the head.

I look like a gelfling from the Dark Crystal right now.

That's not a bad thing, but still amused me!

For those who don't remember:

Still a little more swelling and bruising to go then...

And elastic bands are popping all over the place! Very tricky hooking them so far back on the right but as the swelling is going I am able to pull my cheek back more so got there eventually!

First counselling sessiong post-op this afternoon, will see how that goes!

And looks like they won't let me sit my exam tomorrow, but that's no great loss as I'm not especially prepared! But back to school on Monday as scheduled!


Reuel said...

Yeah I remember seeing that movie and loving it, although I can no longer recall the story.

Don't know if it's a good thing but I am glad I only have one rubber band on, but that's because the wires on the other side of my mouth came off during surgery.

Good luck on your first day back to school. I just got back to work myself after 6 weeks. Boy, am I glad to get back into the swing of things.

Rita said...

Hey V. Glad you are doing well. Good to hear from you. Good luck going back to school. I took the summer off so I go back in the fall. Oh' I still look like a monkey. LOL Blessings to you.

funkyrhodes said...

Hey V! I'm still following your recovery, just haven't been commenting much.

Hmmm, gelfling. I'm not sure about that. Even you had long ears and stuff.

Out of curiosity, how many elastic bands do you have to wear? That has to be annoying!

Anyway, it looks like your recovery is smooth sailing! I can't wait to hear how your post-op appointment goes.


V said...

George I currently have one on the left and 2 (doubled over) on the right, in a kind of square configuration. They are actually far back enough to not be too annoying. At first, everything was very tight shut and included elastics at the front which made everything very difficult.

But yes, has been very smooth sailing and rapid, much to my surprise!

Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you when D-day FINALLY arrives!

Anonymous said...

Hey V, so good to read your story. Hope you're still recovering well. How is it being back at school? I'm at med school at the moment with surgery near enough the exact same as yours *hopefully* by the end of 2009. I have no idea how I'll fit it round my studies, especially as it's looking like it will be right at the start of my Phase 2. How long do you think it will take before you can look and speak well enough to take a history?!

V said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment! I was worried about fitting it in, but in all honesty, there's no hurry and it's better to wait until everything is ready, even though you just want to get it over with! I delayed my surgery until the Easter Holidays, and put back my mini-OSCE to give me 4 weeks. But as you have read, my recovery has been great; I am ready to go back to school on Monday (just over 2 weeks post-op) and was trying to get my exam moved back to last Thursday (which would have been 2 weeks after). I have been talking since the day of the op! Although has been easier since the elastics were loosened.

I think basically the key is to play things by ear and try not to stress about it. You will find a time, and the surgeons are very accommodating to your needs school-wise, and know what it's like to be at med school!

sjp said...

V--I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed reading your progress so far! Like you, I have an underbite and midline asymmetry. I just wanted to let you know that your log of progress--ups and downs-- have been really helpful to me! I am having surgery in about 3 weeks and reading these blogs has been the best thing as far as answering my questions and calming my anxieties of the unknown! You look amazing, I can only hope that my results mimic yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey V
How is your recovery going? I am an underbiter getting braced this month - surgery in about a year. Very interested to hear whether your swelling has gone down and how you are feeling emotionally about the new profile...