Sunday, 12 April 2009

Day 5

I feel absolutely rotten.

Vomited up some carrot juice yesterday, and even though it was terrifying, it wasn't difficult. However, I haven't felt right since and am struggling to take in anything, including meds. If it wasn't for the antibiotics I'm on, I doubt I would even take those. Am trying to keep hydrated, as that's most important, but I feel weak and sleepy the whole time, with a weird feeling in my stomach. I have quite a weak tummy anyway, and so it wasn't completely unexpected, but I really don't want to lose too much weight and mum is a little worried I'm not taking anything down which doesn't help.

I'm thinking, once the antibiotics have finished this should help a bit, and my visit with the surgeon on Wednesday. It's good to focus on that, and I think if I can make it through to then things will get better.

Am also finding it hard to keep my mouth clean. I can't really open my lips too far and am worried about disrupting stitches etc, so I haven't been brushing, but have been using lots of antiseptic mouth rinse - the last thing I want right now is an infection.

So am feeling massively sorry for myself, which my family are eating a nice big Easter dinner next door. But I still have no regrets at all.

Oh, and yawning is very interesting indeed! Am terrified that I will re-break my jaw or something! Just as well I had a lot of practice at yawning with my mouth closed in college isn't it...!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, V!!

I had the same issues with cleaning my mouth as you in the early days. I didn't want to do anything to the stitches, and couldn't get a toothbrush in there anyways. I used the rinse I got from the surgeon (followed the directions on how often to use it) and in between uses with that I just made sure to rinse with water after every thing I "ate" or drank. Seemed to work fine, as the surgeon said I was doing well keeping everything clean at my first check up... After a while I would just brush the front teeth, then finally could reach them all. You'll get there!

I was very eager for the first check up with the surgeon, it's like the first little milestone.... you'll feel great once you reach it, in just a few days :)

I felt the same way about yawning too--and my first post-op sneeze... looking back, it's comical how relieved I was that my mouth didn't fall off.

These early days are rough, but you are doing GREAT!!

funkyrhodes said...
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funkyrhodes said...

It's too bad you can't eat through osmosis! :) Maybe you can down a liquidy mashed potato and gravy shake?

Here are some recovery haikus, especially for you:

Laying on my bed,
Thinking of ways not to puke...
I can't think of one.

Easter dinner there,
In the next room; there's feasting.
Tummy's protesting.

Please, Ms. Tummy, please...
If I could feed you, I would.
Liquid must suffice.

...and that's the pathetic extent of my creativity. :)

V said...

You guys are the greatest, seriously. I've spouted on about how much I value the support but you can never know how much!

I've managed to have a yoghurt drink and am hoping that will help settle my tum against the antibiotics.

I find myself wishing away the days - as each one that disappears means I'm closer to that milestone!

Almost there!