Monday, 20 April 2009


I was tentatively exploring the inside of my mouth with my tongue this evening now that I have a little more opening ability. Feeling the stitches but trying not to disrupt/dislodge anything, when all of a sudden


The single elastic on the left snaps and basically whips against my lip.

Needless to say I stopped fiddling once I'd attached a new one.

Glad it wasn't the other side - I don't think I'd get back far enough to hook it on!

Other than that no news. I am going to have to venture out tomorrow evening, my friend has free tickets to some posh cultural classical night. Luckily, my housemate has some theatrical concealer which should do the trick...

Also trying to get my exam changed back to Thursday, as I'm managing to speak alright and would rather just get it out of the way. Have yet to hear if they'll let me though, so will try and do some reviewing in anticipation.

Otherwise, should be good to go back to school next Monday, for the beginning of term, which means not having to miss anything, which is good.

Waiting for the remaining bruising/swelling to go down so I can do some good before/after shots.

Am finding it's not actually people who know me that have funny reactions or don't recognise me - it's those on the peripheries like their girlfriends or parents etc. If in doubt I just cover the bottom half of my face until they realise who I am! Comedy!

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Rita said...

Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. I so appreciate it. I also popped a band and it scared me to death. It really didn't hurt, but I jumped. lol I am glad you are doing well. Keep it up!!!! Blessings to you. : )